Jawbreakers – Hard Candies That Capture Hearts

Jawbreakers are candies characterized by their exceptionally hard consistency, making them an excellent choice for those who enjoy savoring sweets for an extended period. Their name comes from their ability to "break" jaws – at the beginning of consumption, they are so hard that they cannot be bitten, but over time they become increasingly softer. Thanks to this, the candies last a long time, guaranteeing fun that is especially appreciated by children and teenagers.

How Jawbreakers Are Made

Jawbreakers are hard candies made from sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid, and flavors. Their distinctive feature is a durable, glossy coating that slowly dissolves in the mouth, releasing an intense flavor. Often, a chewing gum core is hidden beneath the hard candy shell.

The Origin of Jawbreakers

The history of jawbreakers goes back many decades. Initially produced mainly in Europe, their popularity quickly grew due to their unique flavor qualities and long consumption time. Children and teenagers love jawbreakers for their intense flavors and for the fact that these candies can be a game in themselves – trying to "break" the hard structure as quickly as possible. Because of this, jawbreakers have become iconic candies that have stood the test of time and continue to enjoy immense popularity, even appearing in cartoons and TV shows.

Jawbreakers as a Complement to Your Offer

Jawbreakers are an excellent choice for candy stores, wholesalers, and vending, seeking to enrich their assortment with products that are highly popular among children and teenagers. Their uniqueness and variety of flavors make them a product eagerly chosen by young consumers. Adding jawbreakers to your offer can attract new customers and increase sales, making them a valuable addition to your assortment.

Where to Buy Jawbreakers

Finding a supplier of jawbreakers in Europe is not easy. Many people purchase these products from intermediaries, such as those in the UK, which incurs higher costs. Our offer includes jawbreakers from the oldest producer and originator of this range of products – ZED Candy. We are the exclusive distributor in the Polish market and are responsible for distributing these products in other European countries. Many designs have been produced by ZED Candy exclusively for us. The jawbreakers available in our offer stand out with their intense flavors and high quality, making them an ideal choice for stores, wholesalers, and automated candy vendors.


Jawbreakers are not only delicious candies but also an intriguing proposition for expanding your assortment. Their hard consistency and intense flavors make them beloved by children and teenagers worldwide. Including jawbreakers in your offer can be a great way to attract new customers and increase sales. In our offer, you will find a wide selection of the highest quality jawbreakers, which will certainly be an interesting addition to your assortment. We invite you to explore our range of jawbreakers!