Candy Gangs: fun, taste and adventure all in one package!

Candy Gangs - this is our own brand, which we created in 2021, and from the very beginning, it has greatly appealed to our customers and gained popularity among children. Through creative and colorful packaging, Candy Gangs brand products provide children with a lot of joy and fun. The brand in the market is mainly distinguished by its consistent, modern and refined design. Each product has its own unique name, which is one of the differentiators from other brands available on the market. With us, each product has its own name or nickname which allows children to have even more fun. The products are presented as superheroes who belong to their teams or gangs - hence the name Candy Gangs. To support sales and brand recognition with the launch, we launched a mobile game to download for free on smartphones and also created a comic book so children can learn about the adventures of the heroes from the packages.

From gums to lollipops to jelly beans - a full range of sweet offerings.

The Candy Gangs product line includes a variety of sweets aimed specifically at children, such as gummies, lollipops, candies, chocolates, sprays, jelly beans, dip'n'lics, shooting powders, powdered watches and sweet gels. We offer a wide selection of products in fruity flavors that perfectly suit the tastes of the youngest consumers. Each of our products is characterized by an attractive and consistent appearance, which makes them look great on store shelves, attracting the attention of children and their caregivers. What's more, every year we try to expand our assortment, adding more than a dozen new products from the Candy Gangs brand. In this way, children will never experience boredom, and our customers can regularly discover new flavors and products that will refresh their offerings and satisfy the most sophisticated palates.

Candy Gangs Katalog PDF

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Quality and composition - our approach to manufacturing Candy Gangs.

When creating Candy Gangs products, we realize that they will reach the youngest consumers, so we always prioritize safety and quality. That's why we constantly take care of the composition of the products and the materials used for their packaging. Most products in the Candy Gangs line have natural dyes, which makes them safe for children's health. Our products are manufactured in proven factories that have the necessary quality certificates, confirming compliance with the highest food safety standards. This allows us to provide our customers with full assurance that every Candy Gangs product is safe for their children and meets the highest quality standards.

We develop imagination through taste and fun.

During the process of creating Candy Gangs products, our main goal is to provide children not only with exceptional taste, but also with unforgettable fun and stimulation of creativity. We believe that candy can not only be a treat, but also a tool to develop imagination and encourage children to experiment. That's why each product in the Candy Gangs line has been carefully designed to provide children with plenty of fun and enjoyment. From colorful packaging to interesting shapes and flavors, our candies are full of potential for creative play and exploring new taste sensations. In this way, we strive not only to satisfy their palates, but also to spark their imagination and creativity, making Candy Gangs not just candy, but a true source of joy and fun for children.

Candy Gangs through the eyes of customers.

The Candy Gangs brand is very popular among our customers, who regularly expand their portfolio with new products. They appreciate the creative products and what they often emphasize the unique and refined appearance of the products, so that the entire Candy Gangs series looks very good on store shelves, which has a huge impact on product sales. Our products not only delight with taste, but also stand out aesthetically, which attracts customers' attention and encourages them to buy. Thanks to the fact that we are constantly introducing novelties and improving our products, our customers can be sure that they can always count on fresh and attractive offerings.

Would you like to have Candy Gangs products in your offer?

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